Custom Layouts
Tuesday, November 22, 2011, Modified: Friday, November 25, 2011 Refs

Reading the Android SDK docs and the various UI tutorials floating around you'd be forgiven for thinking that creating an Android GUI is all about nesting and wrangling the standard ViewGroup-derived layout classes in XML. In fact, for performance and to achieve non-standard arrangements, Android framework developers like Romain Guy recommend writing your own custom layout class.

Some of the best information on this subject is hiding inside a 2009 Google IO conference video with the utterly deceptive title of Supporting Multiple Devices ( Here is a bit of a table of contents for that video:

Layout and graphics talk at DEVOXX 2010
There's more coverage of layouts by google guy, Romain Guy, in the first half of this 2010 talk, which has slides and example code available.

Android 3.0 animation example

This Android 3.0 animation example also covers custom Layouts and custom Views and has full source available.

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