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Friday, February 07, 2014, Modified: Friday, February 07, 2014 Refs

A free and open source CAD modelling application under active development. Suitable for designing for 3D printers and for physical product design for bootstrapping startups. ! ~FreeCAD Books * FreeCAD [How-to], by Daniel Falck and Brad Collette * More FreeCad books at Amazon ! ~FreeCAD Tutorials !! ~FreeCad Video Tutorials * Bram De Vries has a series of ~FreeCAD video tutorials. They are mixed-in here: ** Part 1: * Pads and Pockets (Lumps and holes without booleans): * Videos: !! ~FreeCAD Part Design Tutorials * Bearingholder Tutorial I: * Bearingholder Tutorial II: !! ~FreeCAD Scripting Tutorials * !! ~FreeCAD Assembly Tutorials * !! ~FreeCAD Misc Tutorials * ! ~FreeCAD 3D Model Files * * Example ~FreeCAD Assemblies: (Images of these assemblies: ! ~FreeCAD Scripts * ! ~FreeCAD Blog Posts *

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