Pat Flynn is an Affiliate Marketing Expert
Friday, October 05, 2012, Modified: Saturday, November 24, 2012 Refs
Pat Flynn is a guy who has made a $50k per month business out of a blog and a set of ebooks, podcasts, videos, and lecturing and speaking engagements, all based on the idea of passive income and entrepreneurship. Mind you that $50k is revenue, not profit, so we want to know how much is actually reaching his pocket before we get excited about what he has to say.

His business is selling himself and his rags to riches story and his self-branding is all about honesty, openness, hard work and sacrifice. One feature of his openness is sharing his monthly revenue in an itemized list (example for September 2012).

Lets Dig Into the Profit In There

The numbers in these posts are wrapped-up in a lot of text. Lets lay them out simply:

Assuming the figures are all correct and ignoring his own declaration of his expense list that, "It does not include pro-rated yearly fees," we can get an idea of where his profit comes from. Looking at his profits we see he makes $47k as an affiliate marketer on expenses of $0. His other businesses make $8k+ but cost him $5k+. He is making 16 times as much profit from affiliate marketing as from his "real" businesses, even ignoring all the other expenses those businesses incur that don't make it into his monthly expenses.

Learn From Pat's Example, not From his Message

The bald fact is that the bulk of Pat's income is from the Blue Host affiliate scheme. The other businesses give him something to blog about, write books about, do interviews about, and generally seem busy and draw people into his sites and mailing lists and then on down his affiliate links.

Pat is great and I am not knocking him at all. All his numbers really are right there in the open for us to learn from. I want to suggest that the primary conclusion to draw from Pat's example is not that you have to turn yourself into a lifestyle guru offering hope to those made redundant in the economic downturn (although we have the existence proof that that can work). The overarching conclusion to draw is that there is a lot of money to be made online from affiliate marketing and that your earning power is in proportion to your traffic, which is the number of times someone clicks on a link somewhere on the internet that you made or control. It's a pure numbers game, and Pat's way of owning clicks by building a swirl of attention around himself is just a means to that end.

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